New Year's Resolutions

Dec 27, 2023 | by Lynn Freer

It’s that time of year again: The time when we start to make resolutions to improve our lives for the coming year. The significance of New Year's is its representation of a fresh start. It symbolizes hope and optimism of the possibilities that the upcoming year can bring.

When I was younger I used to make resolutions such as:

  • I will start minding my own business (I always felt it was my job to boss around my little sister).
  • Stop lying to the dentist about flossing. (I have since discovered that they KNOW you aren’t flossing.)
  • I will stop eating chocolate (between the hours of 1 AM and 4 AM.)

Now, I think more about what I can do to make my life more meaningful and memorable.

Joint resolutions

This past year I lost a dear friend as well as some other acquaintances, who don’t live that far away that I have not seen in years. I realize that I haven’t made the effort to see them and in two cases, the friend and I have made joint resolutions.

  • One friend ,who only lives an hour or so away, has vowed to get together quarterly. We each pay estimated tax payments and will meet for lunch on or around each payment date. I guess misery loves company.
  • Another friend who lives around two hours away and I will meet for lunch at least once this coming year. (A little baby-stepping here.

Good deeds

I feel good when I help others and do kind things. I sometimes let a driver come out of a parking lot in front me when there is a lot of traffic and from time to time will pay the Starbucks bill for the person behind me. This year my resolution is to let a driver in at least once each day and to pay the Starbucks bill whenever I go on Sunday.


This year I resolve to spend more prayer time thanking God for all the good in my life as well as asking for help for myself and others. Every new year is a chance to refresh our soul and renew our promises to God. By increasing the times we spend in prayer we can ask for God's guidance and reflect on how we can better serve others in the upcoming year.

Finally, I am truly going to make my computer my friend. I have given my computer a name and thank it for working for me. I will also not get mad and yell at it if it's not working. My computer’s name is Doreen. Why? Why not!

God bless you all in the New Year! Take a moment to remember friends and thank the Lord for all his goodness.


Let us know how we can pray for you.


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