Meet Emily - A happy survior

Jan 12, 2024

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, and National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is recognized each year on January 11. At The Salvation Army Orange County, we celebrate every day of the year - helping victims of both labor and sex trafficking get their lives back.

Here’s an example of one of our clients:

Determined to secure a better future for herself and her daughter Sophia, Emily confronts life's challenges with resilience. Having experienced labor trafficking and homelessness from a young age, Emily finally found refuge at The Salvation Army Orange County's Guest House, a long-term shelter designed to meet the needs of foreign-born human trafficking survivors awaiting immigration relief.

With the help of The Salvation Army Orange County’s Anti-Trafficking Services, Emily started to gain back her independence and have hope for her future. She started by addressing a long-standing desire to break free from the cycle of financial hardship to provide a bright future for Sophia. She decided to pursue education and enrolled in a local community college to study English and Spanish. Emily also set out to find a full-time job that accommodated her class schedule. The job requires long hours, but she is grateful for the opportunity and the stability it brings to her family.

Emily's story became a beacon of hope for others facing similar challenges—a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and the belief that education could be a pathway to a brighter future.

Orange County Salvation Army’s Anti Human Trafficking program helps victims of both human and sex trafficking. It is comprised of two guest homes that provide medical, legal, and job training, to the clients living in the homes. Referrals come from many sources including police and firefighters. We are proud of the work of Morgan Guzman, our program manager, and her staff.

Please help support this unique and important program with your gift.

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