God Can Turn A Mess Into A Message

Mar 6, 2019 | by Salvation Army OC

"God can turn a mess into a message"

Living on the streets, Cindy found herself homeless, broken, and addicted to alcohol. She started drinking at 17 and as time went on her alcoholism got out of control, leading her to the streets. It cost her everything.

“I lost my job, I lost where I was living, I lost my car, I lost everything I owned. I couldn't fix the problem with the same sick mind, I’d always had. I don’t think people understand how really hard it is to get a job without these things or stability.”

In 2017, Cindy entered the program at the Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center in Anaheim and graduated. Cindy is now off the streets, working and thriving, and living a life free of alcohol. Cindy is eager to share her story with others as an encouragement that lives can be transformed through Jesus!

Hear Cindy's full story below:


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