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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Anti-Trafficking Services Image

Anti-Trafficking Services

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Our anti-trafficking services offers crisis response services, victim advocacy, recovery support, and family reunification. The Salvation Army Orange County and operates two safe houses for trafficking survivors, as they embark on their journey from crisis recovery to self-sufficiency.

Stories and Statistics

The Salvation Army Anti-Trafficking Service Program:


Coming out of COVID

Due to COVID, TSA was forced to close the homes to receive victims of human trafficking. While the residences were closed, TSA staff continued to work with guests dealing with trauma, stress, immigration, and employment issues. But we were unable to admit any new victims.

The residences were reopened and are currently serving survivors of human trafficking.


How does the program work?

  • TSA Anti Trafficking Services currently provides services to a total of 38 human trafficking survivors and their families.

  • TSA Anti Trafficking Services provides comprehensive case management to human trafficking survivors: case management services included: coordination of medical, dental, and mental health services, access to public benefits, coordination of education and employment programs, emotional support, housing support, language assistance, court advocacy support and family reunification and repatriation.

  • Three of our survivors received immigration relief related to their trafficking experience giving them ability to begin employment, pursue formal education, and seek reunification with their families whom they have not seen in many years since our new FY October 1, 2021.

  • We have eight survivors connected with mentors to help provide emotional support as they navigate this new life and heal from their exploitation.



Community Outings

We have a great community of volunteers that has enabled us to implement monthly outings for our survivors living in our safe home shelter, the Guest House. This community has provided transportation and the funds needed to take our survivors whale watching, to Disneyland, beach trips, Angel's games, the Long Beach Aquarium and many more experiences that they would not have the resources to enjoy on their own.It is so exciting to be a part of someone's first experience at Disneyland or their first time going whale watching!

No more Fear

We have a very resilient and courageous survivor that has been in our program for quite some time. She has had to remain in hiding because her traffickers have been actively looking for her since she escaped. We have been fighting to legally change her identity so that she can begin a new life, with her child, and not fear that she will be found. This year she received a court order giving her a new name and identity. She no longer has to fear that she will be found by her traffickers and is safe. She and her child are stable, and for the first time in four years she is able to dream about a future.




Our Safe Homes

Our Guest House serves foreign-born victims of human trafficking and Thatiana's House is a safe house for domestic survivors. Thatiana's House is the first 24 hour staffed emergency safe home for victims of sex trafficking in Orange County.

As resources are available, the Anti-Trafficking Services Program provides the following support:

  • Housing rental assistance (if eligible), and/or referrals
  • Immigration legal services referrals, coordination
  • Public assistance/ social services benefits enrollment and advocacy
  • Transportation bus passes and drive to appointments
  • Limited financial assistance: gift cards (if eligible)
  • Family reunification
  • Clothing, furnishings, and miscellaneous donations
  • Medical and mental health referrals
  • Education assistance and referrals
  • Court support for trafficking-related issues
  • Emotional and social support
  • Job skills and community orientation assistance
  • Crisis response

Our clients who have been freed from  trafficking situations have successfully found employment, renewed emotional and physical health, learned English,  resolved legal needs, and learned how to advocate for their own needs. Still, many others continue to live in the midst of crisis, but with the support of our community partners, they will find the refuge and support so desperately needed.


Staff are also available to provide assistance and training to local community partners that seek to integrate human trafficking survivors into their social service programs.


Program Coordinator: Morgan Guzman
Office phone: 562-999-2248


Anti-Trafficking Services Office 
1515 North St
Anaheim, CA 2801

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